code active iptv links for all devices 30.08.2021

code active IPTV links for all devices 30.08.2021

iptv code xtream

IPTV code Xtream

are installed on many platforms that enable you to watch channels.

With these “codes” you can activate separate or shared applications.

code active IPTV links update

Xtream IPTV code 2021

free IPTV m3u coda

IPTV sport  =  IPTV-Europe IPTV Russia

كيفية ربح المال من الانترنت للمبتدئين

⇒ Download xtream iptv code 30.08.2021


14 Responses

  1. S says:

    Hi i want french tv code it’s possible ?

    • iptvsamrttv says:

      hi mourad

      HOST/PORT: http:// iptv mecccam com 8010
      UUSERNAME: luisete
      PASSWORD: luisete

      and that code for xtream iptv

      HOST: http:// iptv mecccam com
      PORT: 8010
      UUSERNAME: luisete
      PASSWORD: luisete

      thanks for comment

  2. maria says:

    olá! tenho isntalado o VLC no pc e gostaria de saber qual é o link para assisitir NBA e tb o futebol do Rio de Janeiro, flamengo. Grata

    • iptvsamrttv says:

      hi maria
      only you need to modified url m3u for watch all channels
      this is example : that url have full channels http:// 4ever biz 80/get.php?username=20192&password=20192&type=m3u
      and now you need to change it to other one
      that is details of server befor change
      URL: http:// 4ever biz:80
      USERNAME: 20192
      password: 20192
      that is details of server after change
      http:// tv 25462/get.php?username=angelt&password=12345&type=m3u

      URL: http:// tv nousiptv com 25462
      USERNAME: angelt
      password: 12345
      after change it copy and open in vlc or you download from browser

      thxs for comment

  3. DBrO says:

    Where can I buy the iptv service from this link
    please helpme

    • iptvsamrttv says:

      Hi DBrO
      we dont know the owner of this server
      try to search in skype you find many groups for iptv
      and read the txt when you see same one share or need exchange that is owner of server dont trust any one in skype to much scam there

      thank you

  4. luqman says:

    idont now how to add channels to iptv

  5. hussain alyoubi says:


  6. malband says:

    i want olink free code

  7. wael says:

    i want olink free code

  8. zanaty says:

    very good

  9. Benji says:

    Great guys, you do the best,I need your WhatsApp number:

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